Name: Greg Hetson
What he does: Play second guitar

Useful info (Michele A. Ceazan) :
Greg Hetson can claim to have played on several touchstone records in U.S. punk annals. He began in 1979 as the founding guitarist of the still-going psychedelic punk stalwarts Redd Kross- first known as Red Cross before being forced by the international relief agency to change their name.
     Hetson recorded that band's debut EP with future Rlack Flag singer Ron Reyes and brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald, before teaming up with original Black Flag singer Keith Morris to form one of the most heralded powerhouses in LA/California punk histoiy, The Circle Jerks. The band's first IP, 1980's Grup Sex, remains one of the acknowledged classics of punk, and is often thought of as the birth of what became known thereafter as "hardcore." The band went on to release a string of fine IPs, such as 1982's Wild in the Streeets and 1983's Golden Shower ofHits, right up to the '90s, where they remained a respected touring and recording entity before calling it quits recendy.
     In Bad Religion circles Hetson is also lauded as the band's first major benefactor, a crucial help in Its infancy. On hearing the band's first demo in 1980, Hetson used his Circle Jerks standing to bring it to the attention of famous LA radio DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, whose airing of the demo launched Bad Religion's public career. Hetson then sat in with the fledgling quartet for a song on their hot 1982 debut How Can Hell Be Any Worse, and became a frequent second guitarist at the band's LA shows. So it was inevitable that Hetson would become a permanent member, as he did in 1985, playing on the whole of the band's comeback EP, Back to Uie Known, and on all eight studio lys and tours since. He still lives in Los Angeles, is married, and is the father of one.

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