Ok, here are the interviews currently featured... this sectio has not been to thouroughly worked on, but it'll have to do for now.

A Conversation with mr. Brett by Matt Taylor and Mateo Rojas G O O D !
Punk Paleontologist by Alex Sniderman
"I seek a thousand..." by Unknown
"Q: What does BR, Dag Nasty & Minor Treath have in common ? A: Brian Baker" by Sean Schroeder
Bad Religion's Greg Graffin by Alec Foege
Bad Religion Review by Unknown
BR, The Most Popular Unknown Band by Lee Sherman
Bad Religion Is Spreading by Barney Greenway
Bad Religion's Punk Prosody by Sandy Masuo
Interview with Greg Graffin by Kyle J. Ryan
BR, Priests of Punk by Alan Diperna
An Interview with Jay by liabungalo@juno.com