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Back again! (April 1st -99)

April 3rd 1999

Progression coming...

Grrr. Windows 95 is a complete pain in the ass. Wish I was back at the Mac, or my Linux box.

Me and a friend is setting up a new server (Pentium Pro 200Mhz, 128MB RAM etc) where I will host this page instead. I'm getting really tired of these Tripod banners! When I get home (out of town right now) I will look through all the sections and correct any mistakes.

Petter Sundlöf [ odd@hempseed.com ]

April 3rd 1999

I have returned, halleluja

Well, I don't know what you should call it, but in some senses I am "back". I will from now on start doing updates when I feel like it, adding stuff, and probably slapping up that needed re-design that I've been holding off. It offers frames for easier navigation (that ain't very often :) and some more lame graphics to have you sitting there all day waiting for the damn thing to load.

As for new content, don't hold your breath. I will update the new stuff so that it holds correct information, but I'm quite pleased with what I've accomplished so far. But, you never know, I might turn a new leaf and start doing crazy things with this page.

Please, do contact me, I always appreciate feedback. Later.
(no this is not some stupid April fools thing)

Petter Sundlöf [ odd@hempseed.com ]

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