Transcription by Evan Hulka, hulka@pacbell.net.

Note: I didn't write the little guitar riffs because I did this tab on
an acoustic guitar, and I'm not that great of a guitarist. The American
Lesion version of this isn't all that much different, just change the
key and fingerpick the chords.

Intro: F#-F#-E D-D-C (3x I think) F# E C#

F# E D A
Black top pavement cover me
F# E D E
Like a chemical reaction or a steamroller spreading randomly
F# E D A
There's a distant fuzz, a low frequency
F# E D A
It tickles my ear and rumbles under my feet
And it shakes the leaves off of every tree
F# E D
What pretension everlasting peace
D E F F# (repeat intro)
Everything must cease

institution on the hill
like a beacon in the mind of an ancestor to ignite a peoples' will
there's a shadowed stain on the west facade
it has spread like decay to enshroud the fraud
and the descendants find it oh so odd
oh so odd
what pretension everlasting peace
everything must cease

(play the bass string only for this first line)
grave memorials hewn white stone
like the comforting caress of a mother or a friend you've always known
it evokes such pain and significance
what was once is reduced to remembrance
and the generations pass without recompense
ahh ahh ahh
what pretension everlasting peace
everything must cease
what pretension everlasting peace
everything must...