Name: Bobby Schayer
What he does: Play the drums

Useful info (Michele A. Ceazan) :
     Schayer's entry into Bad Religion, replacing first five- LPs drummer Pete Finestone at the onset of the sessions for 1992's Generator, is also an Interesting one, since he was a fan of the group from its earliest incarnations.
     A noted member of the LA. punk/hardcore community at the tender age of 13-you can find him in the audience in the 1981 live photo of Black Flag in the book Hardcore California: A History of Punk and New Wave- Schayer's extensive pre-Bad Religion experience was actually drumming for a string of '60s British-Invasion inspired pop bands, two of which, The Clay Idols (fronted by his brother Steven, later a member of vaunted New Zealand outfit The Chills) and The Question, remaln renowned among los Angeles concert goers with long memories for their superb live performances and a small number of releases.
     Schayer gained his first touring experience as a member of Two Free Stooges, a musical/comedy revue including then-Circle Jerks guitarist Zander Schloss (who later backed ex-Clash frontinan Joe Strummer on his solo LP and tour). Two Free Stooges was the support group for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their 1991 U.S. tour, being somethlng of a protégé of the Chili Peppers.
     This tour proved significant when Schayer's connection with Schloss led him to be recommended for the position of drummer in Bad Religion by Schloss's friend and bandihate Greg Hetson. Schayer secured the job by beating out Brian Baker's old laag Nasty bandmate Cohn Sears and punk legend Nicky Beat (of The Weirdos, The Bags, and The Germs) in auditions.
     The multi-talented Schayer is also noted for constantly playing the guitar as the "human jukebox"-he Is purported to know the chords every great song ever recorded in rock history. The celebrity-deaths buff is also a collector of vintage gramophones and 78 r.p.m. discs. Away from the road, bachelor Schayer lives in Seattle.

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