Name: Greg Graffin
What he does Vocals and Oozin Aahz

Useful info (Michele A. Ceazan) :
     It seems a fair boast to call the Bad Religion leader one of the most interesting man in all of rock today, let alone punk. Only 15 when he helped found Bad Religion, Graffin is now on the brink of earning a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology at famed Ivy league institution Cornell University, where he is also an adjunct lecturer, as well as becoming "Dr. Graffin" twice over with another Ph.D. in Geology from The University of California in Los Angeles. He has published several papers, and plans to publish a book centered around his photos of his geology expeditions on his own new publishing imprint, Polypterus.
     Clearly, his studies have had a marked influence on his historic world- view. His scientific concerns for the environment and thoughts on the (de)evoludon of the species are found In the lyrics of each Bad Religion IP. Yet Graf~m gleefuily belies the suffocating, effete, snobbish "Ivory tower" Image of academia by fronting one of the hottest punk rock bands ever. And Gi~'s new, dazzling solo IP, American Lesion, shows off yet another, infinitely more sensitive side of a man who Is also a devoted father of two in the small college town of Ithaca, New York. With its pretty piano textures and burbling acoustic guitar, American Lesion lays out all the pain, unbearable sadness, frustration, anger, dizziness and loss of grounding involved in lost love.
     Graffin is a truly remarkable Individual, in strong contrast to the pale personalities that mostly populate the rock arena.

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