Name: Jay Bentley
What he does: Play the bass and does Oozin Aahz

Useful info (Michele A. Ceazan): Along with Greg Graffin, guitarist Brett Gurewitz, and drummer Jay Ziskruot, bassist Bentley founded Bad Religion in 1980 while still in high school. Uke Greg Graffm, Bentley has now devoted more than half his life to Bad Religion, playing on all but two of their records (he left briefly in the '80s while Graffin focused on his undergraduate education, but returned in time for the band's red-hot re-launch, 1988's Suffer), but he also can claim to have sat in as bassist for other famed early- '80s LA. punk bands T.S.O.L. and Wasted Youth. This married father of two may be one of punk's greatest bassplayers, but chooses to live with his wife and two children on an Island in the Georgia Straaihts near Vancouver, Canada, the perfect place to live a quiet life when away from the rigors of frequent touring and recording.

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